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Our group specializes in business to business software development.

We provide a full range of business application development services to help our clients maximize the use of information technology. Our expertise on a variety of platforms allows us to develop solutions that are not tied to a specific vendor or product. The list of platforms includes Win32, Windows Mobile, WinCE, UNIX and Linux.
Specialists of KDS have been working on custom business applications since 1988. Our services encompass all stages of development, from conceptualization to implementation.
We are specialists in mission-critical financial application development, data management systems, business application programming and reporting systems . As mobile market grows our business application developers pay special attention to leveraging our expertise in providing added value mobile applications.

We provide embedded development & embedded programming services.

Our company has qualified professionals in the embedded systems development & embedded system programming areas. We can offer you embedded software development, embedded computing, firmware programming, hardware programming, DSP software development and embedded software testing services.

Our hardware staff have years of experience in development of embedded hardware in the area of telecommunication and robotics.

System programming is the activity of programming system software. The primary distinctive characteristic of systems programming when compared to application programming is that systems programming requires a greater degree of hardware awareness, which we can offer to oure clients.

Projects list

Laser Scanning distance measurement device.
We are developing a laser scanning device for the purposes of Robot sensor. The project is ordered and financed by IGM Robotics and the device is aimed to be the main distance sensor used by IGM.

Refund And Exchange System
Application with the functionality needed to perform tax refund operations as well as several other auxiliary standard operations like exchange, cash advance for credit cards and travelers cheques processing

Global Refund Issuing
The goal of the GRIPS project is to develop a product, which aims to satisfy the needs of Global Refund Company to automate their Global Refund Cheque Issuing process

Jet Retail
The system provides front office functionality (currency exchange, cash advance, article sales and tax refund) and back office functionality (data management, and documents - statements for the special external partners and stock control functions).